Drawing on more than 10 years of R&D, MIND INSIGHTS embodies a coherent and unique combination of leading-edge scientific resources (knowledge, methods, tools, labs, expertise) with regard to consumer analysis and influence


Continuous analysis and integration of the huge body of knowledge resulting from scientific studies (much of which would not otherwise be available) regarding the impacts of the numerous influencing factors actively involved in marketing concepts, and conversion of this knowledge into practical and useful inputs


Mastery of all the most advanced scientific methods

  • Objective choice of the most appropriate methodology for each project (among which neurological, physiological, psychological, behavioral, and other types of approaches) to perform a reliable and precise diagnosis of all actual impacts on the target consumers (including a “non-conscious” level)
  • Overcoming other methods typically used (“traditional” methods or so-called “neuromarketing” commercial agencies), that suffer from various problems that drastically limit and distort the data and inputs


Organization driven exclusively by recognized and passionate scientific experts (researchers/University Professors, who do not receive any personal income from the organization) managing the whole projects, thus ensuring the utmost rigor during every work stage


Both central managements of prestigious companies and design agencies can make use of these unique scientific resources to obtain valuable insights in order to optimize their impacts on target consumers